How to use the tracings

Showing or hiding a tracing

The information can be stored on various tracings of a PDF file.
The tracings as they appear in the PDF file are based on those created within the original application

Select “Tracings” in the display panel to show or hide their contents.
You cannot hide the information from the locked tracings.


All “locked” tracings are supplied as background.
A locked tracing cannot be shown within Acrobat Standard.
Amending the visibility of a locked tracing is only possible within Acrobat Pro.
You just need to select “Tracing properties”


affichage et masquage d'un calque dans un fichier PDF

Tracings panel

Choose Show >Show/Hide > Browser panes > Tracings

To hide a tracing select the Eye icon.
To show a hidden tracing , select the empty area.

(An Eye icon indicates that the tracing is visible. When there is none, the tracing is hidden.